Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome Mamas (and anyone else interested in reading about parenting fails, self-doubt and other such issues)

Hi there.

Before I get too far into the first blog of (what I hope will be) many informative and highly-popular posts, I must go ahead and get this out of the way.

If you're a parent who is 100% certain about every move you make and every thing you do while raising your child...

If you don't know the definition of self-doubt...

If you haven't tried every, single tip or trick in the book to get your baby to sleep, or eat, or poop etc. etc...

...well, then, I'm sorry to say, but this blog is not for you.

The thing is, when I became a Mom, I found out who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do in life. I absolutely love being a Mom to my baby girl. She's amazing. My life is amazing. I'm happier than ever.

At the same time, when I became a Mom, I also discovered the wonderful world of doubt, worry, concern and stress.

I began wondering if I was doing things right, if my baby was supposed to be doing what the other kids were doing, if I was the only one going through this certain thing at this certain time.

Rationally I knew I was doing a good job and that a lot of Moms experience the things I was experiencing. But it wasn't until I joined a Moms group and started talking about all these things that I started to realize that I was really and truly normal. That I was just like a lot of other Moms. And that my daughter was doing things that TONS of other babies were doing. (Like still not sleeping through the night at almost a year old).

I realized that I was not the only Mama.

I was not the only Mama to be doubting what I was doing.

I was not the only Mama worried. (Worried about why my baby wouldn't take a bottle or hated sleep or woke several times at night even when she wasn't teething or going through a growth spurt.)

I was not the only Mama still trying to lose lots of weight a year after having my baby.

I was not the only Mama.

And I thought that this small, seemingly obvious, but VITAL little bit of information needed to be shared with other new Moms.

So. Here it is.

I'll mostly be posting about my experiences. (That's what I know best, after all). I hope you can nod along with me and that we can both laugh a little at how silly we were to think that our children would be forever scarred if they had white bread instead of whole wheat that one time.

But if there's something you'd like me to write about that you went through, just email me. I'll be happy to share your stories with other Moms.

And then we'll all collectively take a big sigh of relief because we'll know we're just doing the best we can.