Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In no particular order, a list of new things I feel you should know:
  • I think I've crossed over to the dark side. Yesterday I actually picked up "The Best of the Wiggles" DVD. 12 non-stop songs sung by incredibly annoying grown (yet, rich) Australian men.
  • I tricked Anna into eating veggies big time - in both her eggs and her her pasta. MWA HA HA... Screw you, scurvy!
  • Back to the Wiggles. I've created a monster. Anna insists on watching TV when she gets up in the morning. If I don't give in to her and put the Wiggles on, there's no way I can make my breakfast or coffee or her breakfast. So I let her. And now she expects it every, single day. Mama guilt.
  • A friend of mine who's also pregnant told me that her OB said with your second pregnancy, "you feel like it's going to fall out of you onto the sidewalk in the end." Awesome. That will be pleasant.
  • We're going on a 5 hour car trip on Friday. Any tips/advice on travelling in the car for that long with a toddler? We're going with Grandma and Grandpa too. Grandpa just isn't as used to the toddler stage (read: patient) as the rest of us are.
  • One more question... how old was your toddler when you transitioned them to a bed from the crib? And how did you do it? What worked?
Okay. I have to go get more coffee... The Wiggles are now singing about a dancing dinosaur. Anna's smiling and pointing, but it's just too early for me.

Must have coffee.


  1. 1. Portable DVD player. 2. Lots of paper and crayons. 3. And toys/objects she has never seen before...keep those with you and hand them to her when she starts getting fussy...it will buy you a few more minutes before you will have to resort to number four. 4. make lots of stops (a typical 5.5 hr trip to my parents now takes over 7h). Good luck!


  2. Oh and Gabriel was two when we moved him to a bed. I think having the side rails really helped because he still kind of felt like he was in a crib. We got an Ikea kids bed which is not quite as big as a twin bed so the smaller size helped too.

  3. Definitely portable DVD player. You can get ones that you either install on the head rest, or that you can carry around but put in the case on the headrest. We did that so Lukas couldn't press the buttons while in the car. Occasionally we bring it into a restaurant if we want a peaceful meal on the road. We got ours at Best Buy.

    As for the bed thing...Lukas' crib transitioned into a toddler bed. We put the rail on and it was no problem...he was 2. When we moved last year though he went into a double bed (I know...lucky kid!).

    Thanks for the tips on how to post comments. I've tried before but couldn't do it.

  4. We just bought a dual monitor portable DVD player at Walmart for $100 - and if Anna likes the Wiggles, that will work for sure! I also find if someone is sitting with the Bug in the backseat and will talk and entertain her, very helpful. Peakaboo can really go on for a long long time. I also suggest a traveller with Bailey's in it for that person stuck playing peakaboo, it really will help them ;)

  5. Agree on all the road trip advice. We've done a lot of traveling. I bring all the music that she likes and we sing a lot. Snacks are key. "Good" parenting is out the window during road trips in my opinion.

    Also, you are FREAKING ME OUT about getting pregnant again ;-) Yikes!!!!

  6. We transitioned our son at 21 months. About 4 months after his sitter was born. He did great. Loves his double bed.

  7. And oh yeah, the wiggles rock! They're the only kid music that doesn't make me want to barf. We went through the billion times a day listening/watching them too. He still loves them, as 26 months but it isn't so constant.