Monday, August 22, 2011

Indoor play. Ideas, anyone?

Hello there. Remember me?

I’m the person who started this blog and told everyone to read it and asked you to “like” it on Facebook and then I disappeared off the face of the planet.

Sorry bout that. But… there you go. Life happens. And now I’m back!

As most of you know, I’ve been pregnant and exhausted and taking care of Hurricane Anna and working and trying to find endless things to do to keep Anna occupied and happy and all that.

So I’ve been a wee bit busy. Such is the way of the world when you have a toddler though, right?

What’s new with all of you?

Anna’s cutting new teeth. She now has 9 teeth. Only 23 more to go! (Is that right? That seems like a lot.) Oh, teething. The bane of my existence.

The good news is – we were on vacation while she was teething so the kids and the sun and the beach and the lake and the ice cream provided a very nice distraction for Anna.

The less good news is – vacation is over. Which means – back to trying to find things for Anna to do to keep her occupied and having fun.

Honestly – the kid is bored with her toys. She wants to go outside the minute she’s done breakfast and gets really mad if we don’t let her. What about rainy days? What about when it’s too hot or too cold? I can’t reason with her – so I end up having to listen to her whine and screech at me most of the time.

Good times… Good times.

So here’s where I ask the seasoned Mamas for some tips. What’s a non-crafty Mom to do with her kid inside?

(I say “non-crafty” because I “liked” Play at Home Mom on Facebook to give me some ideas for indoor play with an 18 month old. Yeah. The tips and ideas on that site are for people that are WAY more crafty and resourceful than I am. They make everything from scratch – like glue and paint and sensory boards – and have these HUGE, really well organized play areas for their kids, so it doesn’t matter if they get rice and sand and coloured yogurt everywhere. One of the Moms built a giant bubble out of some kind of see through paper in their backyard for their kid to run around in, for pete’s sake.)

I digress.

So – other than colouring (Anna likes it for about 5 minutes) or play-doh (which she intensely dislikes for some bizarre reason), what can we do inside?


  1. Excellent post, I really hope the Mom's have some suggestions because I feel like I'm the only person that is not keeping my toddler in daycare when the new baby is born. Thanks for putting this out there. And I'm pretty sure that there's only 20 baby teeth. Liv is teething her two year molars on the bottom right now and after the top come in that will bring her total to 20 teeth which apparently is it? So Anna only has 11 more to go, not so bad ;)

  2. Hey Chrysta -

    I mean to tell you this earlier - but I actually know LOTS of Moms who have their toddler at home with them while also having a newborn. The difference I've noticed between me and them (as I'm considering having Anna in part time daycare 2 days a week) is that the Moms who keep the toddlers home with them are the Moms who usually have their toddlers in full time daycare while they're at work. Anna probably won't ever be in full time daycare... so part time will be good for her, good for the new baby and good for me! :)

  3. Hey Heather,

    Congrats on the new one! As for keeping the firstborn tonka trucks to load the legos and move them around? Sorry, it's been so long. I forget what I did to keep them busy indoors.