Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Mom Sandwich Phenomenon

Have you ever heard this one?

"I much prefer to have my granddaughter/grandson alone. When his/her Mom is around, they only pay attention to Mommy. He/she only wants her."

Grandparents. They're almost always well-intentioned. But this comment makes me think of one response.

And that is this:

Let's see... not only did I carry my daughters in my stomach for 9 months, but I also birthed them. I developed stretch marks, cankles and a weak bladder. I've held onto 20 extra pounds of fat for a year.

I did the late nights. I've gone sleepless for nights in a row. In fact, I haven't slept well for 2 years. I get up when they need me. I take care of them when they're sick. I get the bad mood first. When they're miserable, they take it out on me. They yell at me and won't eat what I give them. They won't go to bed easily and won't sleep through the night for me. But they're perfect angels for everyone else.

I feed and change and feed and change and feed and change. I play with them for endless hours. I act silly and don't care who sees. I've actually pranced like a pony around a room full of strangers singing. Just to make them smile.

I always make their breakfast, lunch and dinner first. I come second. I get up and take care of them even when I'm feeling my worst.

I love them more than anyone else in the entire universe and I always will.

If, after all this, they preferred someone else to me, I would sure as heck have a problem with that. The little ankle biters would hear it from me, that's for sure.

I know you've done all this too, Grandparents. I know. And that's why we - your kids - love you so much. We still prefer you over anyone else when we're sick or sad. Your sandwiches are somehow the best sandwiches ever made. And always will be.

And my kids adore their Grandparents. They love that special relationship they have.

But there's nothing quite like a Mom.

And my daughters have a Mom who will do anything and everything for them. Quite happily. We've got a really good thing going, my girls and I. We've got something really special that nobody can touch.

And they know it.

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