Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8 signs you're not ready for your baby to grow up

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Without further adieu, my new post...

8 signs you’re not ready for your baby to grow up.

  1. You keep calling her “the baby” even though she’s a full-on toddler. For example: “Where’s the baby? Oh, there she is… feeding herself with a spoon, talking to Dada, jumping up and down and filling out her online application to Montessori”. Yeah. She ain’t a baby anymore.
  2. You refuse to put away her baby clothes. Sure, you have to use the Jaws of Life to get her into those one-piece footy pajamas. But they’re pink and cute and have ladybugs on them! You’re not ready to retire the ladybugs!
  3. You cried when she moved from size 2 to 3 in diapers.
  4. You cried when you stopped nursing.
  5. You cry when you think about her doing anything.
  6. You like to try and hold her in the cradle position, despite the fact that she struggles like an ant flipped over on its back, pushing you away, straining her neck, using her core muscles like she’s never used them before to get up and out of that godforsaken hold.
  7. You find yourself saying things like “I just had a baby…” and then feel ridiculous when you have to follow it up with “…16 months ago”.
  8. You keep changing her on the change table, even though her head dangles off one side and her legs keep kicking the box of wipes clear off the table on the other side. She totally still fits. Like… totally.


  1. Yay, Montessori! :) Anna will love it.

  2. I just said yes to everything.