Thursday, June 2, 2011

My 16 month old (almost)

Anna's going to be 16 months old on Saturday.

(Pausing to let this fact sink in to the first-time Mama who can't believe her little wee baby is a walking, gibberish-talking TODDLER already!!!!)

In honour of Anna's up-coming month-a-versary, a little recap...

My 16 month old:
  • Is about to get her 5th tooth. It's *just* about to pop through the gums.
  • Says things in the most SERIOUS way. Complete with hand gestures, furrowed brow and everything. Of course, it's all gibberish. So far, all we can decipher is "Ah-dah, adah!"
  • Fully understands what we're saying to her. Like - "Anna, is it time for a bath?" Her answer? Quickly hustling up to the bathroom, yelling excitedly and then trying to climb into the tub, fully clothed.
  • Would probably starve if bananas weren't invented.
  • Has just started wrapping both arms around my legs and sticking her head in between my thighs in classic, little-kid fashion. So. Cute.
  • Likes you to know - in no uncertain terms - when you are sitting in her chair.
  • Loves water. Hates juice. Has a slight allergy to milk. (But also loves it.)
  • Would rather chew on her toothbrush than brush her teeth. But really, really loves her toothpaste.
  • Climbs up onto EVERYTHING.
  • Loves books, her little table and chairs and her shapes puzzle.
  • Has taken to pooping right after we put her down to bed for the night. I think it's her way of saying "Um... no. I'm not ready for bed yet, thanks."
  • Has soft, soft skin. And even softer hair.
  • Is apparently starting to look more and more like me lately.
  • Adores being outside. (Just like her Daddy).
  • Is THE BEST little human that ever lived.
So says her very unbiased Mom.


  1. Aww! I would love to see her soon. Kailyn is also a little talking machine...and now we actually understand her! She says some random things like dinosaur ("dinoss"), and calls roosters "cock-a-do", in addition to the typical mama, car, up, down, and of course NO! And I second the toothbrush is so frustrating to try and brush her teeth. She clamps down on the brush or refuses to open her mouth. But man, she's cute!

  2. I might've picked Mohandas Gandhi as the best little human that ever lived, but hey what do I know.

  3. Well, she's the best little human that ever lived according to me - her Mom. I'm sure Gandhi's Mom shares your sentiment though, Bruce.

  4. I love your enthusiasm towards Anna! Make me appreciate the small things...thanks for sharing!