Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So many changes in such a short little time for my little nugget.

Anna’s completely moved into her new room – with toys and clothes and books and everything (it’s not just a bed anymore). She’s starting daycare full days next week – 2 days a week. She’s getting used to Mama not being around as much. And before you know it, the new baby will be here.

I even thought (for a nanosecond) of testing out potty training with her. The reason being… when I’m in the washroom she comes in (there is no such thing as privacy in the loo anymore), grabs some toilet paper and “wipes” herself. She’s showing signs of knowing what to do. And yesterday morning, she trotted out of her bedroom when she woke up, marched straight to the change table in the nursery, pointed to her bum and went “ooooo….” with a squinty face. She had pooped and wanted me to change her promptly.

Such a smart little kid, she is.

Anywho. With all the new things going on, I think potty training can wait. Not to mention, she’s still teething off and on, which is extremely unpleasant for her and everyone else involved.

I guess these are all just more signs of my little Anna growing up. (Sniff, sniff.)

Every once in a while I think, “My goodness, she’s so grown up.” It happens when I watch her run around – so quick and nimble on her little legs. Or when she walks hand-in-hand down the street with me, pointing and waving at people and cars and dogs she sees. Or when she sleeps in her big bed.

But then again, she’s still got very little hair and doesn’t say much. And she still likes Mommy to lie next to her when she can’t get back to sleep. She still wants Mommy to hug her and cuddle her when she’s upset.

And it reminds me that she’s not so grown up just yet. I’ve still got time. She’s still my little baby.

And an amazing little baby, she is.

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