Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coffee talk

Last night I went out for coffee with some Mom friends. We - of course - spent the majority of the evening talking about our kids.

Here's what I learned:
  • Almost all of us have babies/toddlers who still don't sleep very well.
  • We're very in awe of the couple of Moms whose kids are good sleepers.
  • All kids have a bit of a tough transition to daycare at first... but they all get used to it and learn to love it.
  • Some of our kids don't eat well, some will only eat well at daycare - never for Mommy - and some will throw their food at us, throw it on the floor or even give themselves facials with their lunch, rather than eat it.
My conclusion? We all have normal kids. (Hurrah!) They're all just being kids - doing their thing, making life somewhat of a struggle for us Moms... but being incredibly cute and wonderful and fantastic at the same time.

Ah, these coffee nights. I love em. I really do. After reconnecting with some of the awesome Moms I met on mat leave (and meeting some new Moms, too) I always leave feeling refreshed. Calm. At ease.

It gives me a chance to actually talk to real, live grown-ups about what's going on and to find out that most Moms? Are dealing with the exact same things, too. I must have lucked out with the Mom group I joined because they're all wonderful, supportive women.

I've actually only met one Mom who was kind of holier-than-thou. You know the type, right?

"My child had 40-50 words by the time she was your child's age. What's that? Your daughter has 3-5 words? Well I'm sure she's fine..."

Or... "I don't give my child any product from a cow. My children will never consume cow's milk. If anything, they *might* have goat's milk one day. But only if it's organic and from a free-range, all-natural grain-fed goat."

Excuse me while I list off my daughters favourite foods. Uh, let's see... cheese, yogurt and homo milk - all from the regular aisle at the grocery store.

Anyway. Had a great evening. Reaffirmed my belief that Anna's a normal, happy, regular kid. And I'm doing a good job.

Thank goodness. Cause Anna's stuck with me.

Jeez Mom... if you're gonna post pics of me, at least make them current. I have more hair in the current ones.


  1. You are doing an amazing job with Anna!!!! I hope you always feel that way and not just when you visit the other Moms ;)

    And the holier than thou Mom - just wait until that kid gets out from under her thumb, it'll be a world of hot dogs, pixie sticks and chocolate milk. Mark my words! I made all of Olivia's first foods for over 6 months from organic fruits and vegetables and she ate it all. Her favourite food is Kraft Dinner. You can't fight fate. I just give her the one made with vegetables and encourage her to eat her cucumber too. Kids are rough, why beat yourself up over things you can't change!

  2. You totally lucked out with your group! I know several holier then thou Moms. Yuck to all of them. I do completely agree with you that kids are kids and it all evens out in the end. No use in stressing over the little stuff, right?

  3. I agree ladies! If we stressed the small stuff, we'd probably never leave our houses and we'd be wrapping our kids in bubble wrap. Not productive. :)

  4. I love the coffee chats too and totally agree that I leave feeling calmer and reassured that everything's "normal."