Monday, November 28, 2011

Pray for mojo!

So you've probably noticed I've lost my writing mojo.

I haven't been around for almost 2 months! What the what? It's so not like me to not blather on and on about Anna and her lack of sleep or whatever cute (or gross) thing she's done that day. (Yesterday she ate floor food. Don't know how long it had been there. Yes. I'm still Mom of the Year, folks.)

Anyway. I can explain it away with all the typical things... I'm in my last trimester of this pregnancy and tired all. the. time. I'm still working here and there. I'm trying to do my Christmas shopping and get prepared for Buttertart #2. You know - you've heard it all before.

But really, I think I just needed something to light a fire under my behind. I needed something new to write about. I needed the ever-important Something Different to Blog About.

And that's when I heard about a call for new parent bloggers for Today's Parent. But not just *any* new parent bloggers. Parent bloggers who are different. Unique. Enviro-parent bloggers. Dad bloggers. Parents who blog about life raising their quintuplets with their same-sex partner in their small little town.

That's totally me, no??

I'm entering anyway. Stay tuned, folks! New blog post to come!

You lucky ducks.

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