Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The one with the incessant screeching

My children - only 3 years old and 16 months - already fight.

When Lauren came around, Anna made it clear that mostly everything was hers. Lauren was okay with that (not being able to move for the first few months will do that to you). 

Don't be fooled by the cuteness. She'll smack you
with that rubber spoon when you're not looking.
As Lauren got older and was able to grasp things, Anna would take a toy from her. Again, Lauren seemed okay with it.

As she got older still, Lauren would protest mildly when Anna took her things and, as such, Anna quickly learned to do the old switcheroo. If she gave something to Lauren (something she didn't want at all), Anna could still get away with having whatever she wanted.

Lauren is now 16 months old. Her little personality is getting bigger. And so is her confidence. 

And so is her screeching.

We've learned that their disagreements, or "monkey fights" as Andrew and I like to refer to them, can be heard from anywhere in our home. As soon as the baboon-like screeching begins, we know that Anna's made Lauren mad.

Here's how it usually goes down:
  • Anna wants something Lauren has - ONLY because Lauren has it.
  • Lauren senses Anna is coming in for the grab.
  • Lauren bares her 5 teeth and begins screeching.
  • Anna still attempts to pull object away.
  • More screeching from Lauren.
  • Anna begins to yell back - a reaction that I believe is part anger and part fear of her little sister.
  • Both kids start crying and wailing.
  • Andrew or I try to intercede and bring calm to the moment.
  • As responsible parents, we try not to let them see us laugh.
The fighting will get old, I realize. I won't find the reaction of little, sweet Lauren that funny after a short while. And that's when I have to figure out how to handle it.

That's when I could really use some advice. So once again, I'm reaching out to my Mama friends here.

How do you deal with fighting siblings?


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  2. Um Dear Anonymous above - that wasn't the question asked??? Who invited that guy?

    As you know Hez, I too have ladies the exact same age as your ladies. I too want to know how we deal? The exception in my case is that Charlotte started defending her stuff some time ago and she'll do the old face rake. She scratches your face. Now she realizes she can take whatever she wants from anyone with the old "face rake" first. And Charlotte screeches too but it sounds more like a cat in heat or possibly a dragon but since I've never heard a dragon screech, I can only imagine?

    1. Haha - Chrysta, you're funny. :)

      Yes - how do we deal?? This is the question. Sigh... our little ladies. Does O have very little patience for Charlotte? Anna has like ZERO for Lauren.

  3. I deal with it very, very poorly. I'm an only child. I just don't get it. :)

    1. Ha ha! I have a sibling and I still don't get it. :) Mind you, I have a brother. I think the whole "sister" dynamic is different and something I will not get either!