Friday, May 27, 2011

Life whispers

So who watched Oprah’s last show?

For those of you that missed it, there were no guests. No surprises. It was just Oprah talking. For an hour. Which I thought would be slightly boring, I admit.

But, as I watched Oprah impart her wisdom on us, I found myself thinking. Thinking deeply. (That Oprah… she’s good, isn’t she?) I was thinking a lot about what she was saying and how it applied to my life.

What am I meant to do in life? What’s next for me? What’s my real passion? Am I following it? What is my life whispering to me? Am I hearing it?

And then I turned on the American Idol finale and no longer thought any deep thoughts. (Woo, Scotty!)

Later that night a good friend of mine posted a clip of her 4 year-old son’s school concert on Facebook. He, along with a class-full of other fresh-faced little ones, was singing about fishies.

When the curtain opened and he saw his Mom and Dad in the audience, his entire face lit up. And then he shyly launched into the fishy song. (Complete with hand actions).

After watching that clip I thought to myself “My god. This. This is it.” Those innocent, proud, happy little kids singing about fishies, smiling broadly and thrilled beyond belief that their parents were there to watch them. Yes. That is what life is about.

For the most part, life can be pretty mundane. We drag ourselves out of bed every day to follow the daily grind. We make money. We spend it on our homes and food. We sometimes go on vacations. And we’re happy with what we’ve got.

But then something incredible happens. And your eyes are opened wider and your heart gets even bigger and you realize you’re even happier than you knew.

After watching that clip, I realized what Oprah was talking about. I know what my passion is. I hear my life whispering to me.

I hear it every time I see Anna’s face smiling at me from her crib, first thing in the morning. I hear it when she hugs me and rests her head on my shoulder because she just wants a snuggle. I hear it when she runs to me and laughs and smiles.

I feel that passion every time I remember that this happy little human is the way she is in large part because of my husband and I.

I’m a Mom. And when I walk into a room, someone’s face lights up, just for me.
Oh yes, I hear my life whispering to me. I hear it loud and clear. And it’s saying:

“Hez... You really got things right.”


  1. It maybe the preggo hormones but this post made me the back of a taxi. It's so true. When you realize what you are meant to makes sense. Thanks for the post!


  2. That's a great post. And yes, I agree. When I was watching that 4-year old in his concert and he'd look over and stare right at me for reassurance or to make sure we were still watching, it really got to me. It's amazing that litte old me, with all my faults and shortcomings, can mean that much to another person. Very humbling and puts everything else into perspective.

    PS - I can't wait to watch Anna in her first concert (or ballet recital - I NEED to clap for someone I know in a tutu).



  3. Damn you and your posts. You got me again, and now I am all teary and blubbery. And yes, you are completely right. Almost every night, I still think about the moment K was born, and the absolute awe I felt holding that tiny, warm body in my arms and realizing that she was mine. It still amazes me. Or when my son is playing baseball and hits the ball, the first thing he does is look to see if I am is such an awesome feeling!

  4. I can't read these at work anymore Hez, you're killing me! I'm now a blubbering mess. Great post!