Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who wants a kiss??

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I’ve taken a brief hiatus while stuff has been busybusybusy with me.

Alas! I am back. Did you miss me??

So. Here’s where I talk about a topic that is probably near and dear to every Mom in the universe. The issue of time.

When I was pregnant, everybody said all these things to me about having your first baby that sounded really cliché. You know “Enjoy them at every stage because it goes so fast”. “You never know what being tired really means until your baby arrives.” “It’s the most rewarding, amazing thing you’ll ever experience.”

You know, that kind of stuff.

I believed everything they were saying – but it just didn’t really mean anything to me until I had Anna. Then I thought, “Oh! This is what they’re talking about. I get it now.”

The same is true for the time thing. I’d always heard Moms saying they were so busy and that there just wasn’t enough time to do everything. And again, I believed them… but I didn’t think much of it.

Now I know first-hand about this never-ending search for time.

My days are filled with taking care of Anna (a full-time job on its own), doing heaps and heaps of laundry, trying to work out at least 3 times a week, eating, sleeping, getting myself to look respectable (a much larger task than it sounds really), taking Anna to activities to keep her engaged. Oh – and also trying to make a living so we don’t have to resort to eating cat food.

I also struggle to find time to do things like grocery shopping, tidying the house, running little errands, writing my blog and keeping in touch with friends so that on the off chance that I have an evening free – I actually still have a friend or two to hang out with.

My goodness. I definitely did NOT know from busy before. (Or, did I and I just don’t remember??)

So my question for you Moms is this:

How on earth do you do it??

How do you survive? How do you manage to get everything done? Is your BlackBerry your little lifesaver? Do you let some things slide? What is your secret?

Tell me something encouraging, ladies. And I’ll plant a big, wet kiss right on your lips.


  1. Cleaning lady!!! Best money we have ever spent. I used to feel like "I can do it all, I don't need a cleaning lady". Then we got one:)

  2. I tend(ed) to let things slide when things got/get too busy. If the dishes pile up long enough my hubby tends to help me out. Hasn't happened in a few months, but I know if suddenly life got in the way again, I could count on him to help out. If the toys don't get cleaned up, not a big deal. I don't clean the washroom/bedrooms every week. Sometimes we have kraft dinner or frozen meals that are easy to prepare. Grocery shopping gets done on the weekend with my husband. laundry also gets done on the weekend (usually without my husbands help besides him watching our child though). And sometimes TV (though I know they aren't supposed to watch it till they are 2) can give you at least 1/2 an hour or more of uninterupted time to clean the kitchen or whatever you want to do...

  3. It is a never ending struggle. I have a cleaning lady that comes every few weeks but it is not nearly enough. Evenings are key for me...a long time ago I promised myself that during the week I would not do work or worry about cleaning, chores etc while the kids are awake. So, from the time we get home until 8:30pm it is kid time. After that, it is laundry/dishes/packing lunch and other chore time. Plus, I usually work in the evenings. Yes, I don't get to work out as often as I would like (and it kills me that I am paying for a gym membership) and I don't have an exciting social life (I go out a few times a month which works for me). But, as "they" say, kids grow up so fast and I want to try and enjoy them in every moment.