Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have no forking idea what to call this post

This is sort of related to the food thing...

Question for seasoned Mamas with older kids: At what age do kids normally use utensils?

Let me give you the back story. Anna's 14 months old and she still can't feed herself with a spoon or fork. If we put food on the spoon for her, she can direct it to her mouth. But then she hands it back to us to put food on it for her.

We sort of practice with her - but not regularly. Do they sort of just pick this skill up when they're older? Or should she know how by now?

Let me know if my baby is normal, please.

(Just kidding).

On a side note - I haven't forgotten all your awesome topic suggestions. I'll be doing some much better blogs soon. I've just had a bit of an all-over-the-place week. Any of you guys ever feel like you never have enough time to do things for yourself - like write? But then, when you look back on the day, you can't figure out why you didn't have time??

Welcome to my world.


  1. Apparently, one spoonful of food was not fast enough for either of my guys, so I'd always give them a spoon while I was feeding them so we could both shove food in at record speed. I can tell you it was VERY, VERY messy (and the forks always made me a bit nervous), but on the upside, they both were able to feed themselves very early on (like 1 year). And they both made it through with two working eyes.

    I would definitely NOT worry about Anna not using a spoon or fork at her age. It is not unusual at all. Just keep putting one on her tray with every meal and she will eventually pick it up on her own. Especially if you take your time feeding her and not load up her spoon too quickly. Give her a few minutes to try it on her own before you put anything on it. If she's hungry enough, the food will find a way into her mouth.

    And try to remember, it honestly makes no difference at what age a kid picks up a skill. Liam walked very early. Does he walk any better than other kids his age that walked late. Absolutely not. Do the kids that were potty trained a year sooner than Liam pee any better than Liam? No, of course not. Eventually it all evens out.


  2. K sometimes uses a fork and/or spoon but I just leave it up to her. I always put one on her tray. She seems to be more interested in feeding herself with a utensil and out of a bowl (instead of what I normally do...just put food on her tray). I think she wants to eat like the "big people" at the table! When she does use a utensil successfully, we all stop and clap and cheer loudly for her...she loves it!