Friday, April 1, 2011

My kid crapped on the floor this morning

Do I really need to go into any more detail for you to get an idea of how awesome my day started off? I do? Okay. Well, you asked for it... here's my daily poop story:

After her breakfast, Anna needed to be changed. So, we took her diaper and jammies off and let her roam around naked (for only about 2 minutes) while we picked out her clothes for the day.

She was carrying something around in her hands and dropped it on the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her crouching down to - what I assumed was - pick it up. She stayed crouched in a little baby squat for a minute, then grabbed her thing-a-ma-jig and walked away.

I didn't think anything of it. Until I glanced back in the general direction of where she had been crouching and saw a wee turd on the floor.

Yes. My child crouched down and crapped out a log onto our hardwood floor.

So, my day started out by picking up human feces.

How did your day start out?

(PS: I later walked by that same area and stepped in a pile of pee. I hadn't noticed it earlier. Awesome!!)


  1. Yuck! However, at least she didn't step in it and walk around leaving a trail on your carpet (been there, done that - a few times!).


  2. Thank goodness it was on the hardwood and not the carpet. My day ended with Aiden pooping not once but twice in the tub about 10 minutes apart. For his bath I needed to fill the tub 3 times. The grand finale was helplessly watching him pee on the carpet of his bedroom while I grabbed his PJs. New rule in the Gingerich household - no bath until all poops have been declared!