Monday, March 21, 2011

Again with the links...

I really do need to start writing my own, original material for this blog again.

And I will.

Just not today. (I'm very busy and important today.)

So anyway. As I was reading around on the world wide interweb this morning, I came across an interesting article title: Why Twilight is Bad.

For those of you who aren't familiar with my love/hate relationship with Twilight - here's the quick synopsis: I read the first book in the series and thought it was decent (for fluff). Read the next one and HATED it. My friend convinced me to give the third one a try, so I read it and HATED it. But I had got so far, and hate to quit, so I read the last book and HATED it. However, I've seen the movies and consider them to be pretty good time-wasters.

Anywho. In my personal blog, I wrote about how awful a role model Bella and Edward were for tweens. So when I came across the title of this article today, it interested me.

Then I discovered it was written by a 17 year-old girl.

A smart, articulate, self-aware 17 year-old girl. In other words - everything I hope Anna will one day grow up to be.

Without further hesitation - here's her article. Abusive is the new sexy.

Moms of girls... we have our work cut out for us.

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