Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kids are gross

Anna is fast, yo.

She's also one of those "into everything" babies. She's definitely not a laid-back child who just kind of watches the world go by. This girl is ALWAYS getting into something.

As a result, she's gotten into some nasty situations and done a few gross things. For example:
  • Anna has licked a toilet bowl. Thank GOD it was our toilet... so I *sort of* know how dirty it was. But still. LICKED. A. TOILET BOWL.
  • She's discovered her fingers. And her nose. And her finger IN her nose.
  • Anna has a penchant for the bottom of dirty shoes. Likes to suck on them. Only if they're dirty though.
  • She's also learned that her tiny, skinny little finger fits quite well inside Mommy's big nostril.
  • She's a big fan of putting her hands all over her bum area as SOON as I get her poopy diaper off, but before I've had time to wipe. The poo... it's... it's just... EVERYWHERE. *Shudder*.
I'm sure there's more. I'm just (urp) a little grossed out by the thought of all the germs. THE GERMS... OH DEAR GOD, THE GERMS!!

At least she's going to have a pretty damn good immune system though, eh?

How about your little ankle-biters? Have they licked any toilet bowls recently?


  1. Aiden- (guess who I am?) doesn't lick the toilet bowl, but swishes his fingers in the bowl of water. Also I've had the misfortune of a bloody nose thanks to his peter pointer being rammed up my nose. Plus his favorite bath toy is -wait for it- his penis! He's obsessed with the cat food which apparently doesn't taste too bad.
    I'm sure there's more to come.

  2. My oldest once ate his own poo. He pulled his diaper off during a nap, walked all over the crib, got it over his ENTIRE body, head to toe. There were poop handprints on the cribrail, but his hands were clean and in his mouth. It was quite possibly the grossest thing I've ever seen.

    Both of mine used to lick windows (where you can see greasy headprints), grocery cart handles. My oldest once picked up chewed gum off the ground and put it in his mouth.


  3. Oh thank God - I thought my kid was disgusting alone. She does everything Anna does, in my world, it makes them normal ;)

  4. Aiden sounds like Bryden, he also loves cat food, his penis and when his sister started pooing in the toilet he decided using his hand to grab the glorious wonder he sister created was an excellent idea.

    Between my 2 kids I have a very long list of why kids are gross.

  5. Cat poo (I don't need to tell you who I am, haha!)

  6. Cat poo... haha! I just said to my husband tonight, "I was hoping that the Mommy I know would comment about her baby eating cat poo!" hahahaha!

  7. Once I found K playing with USED toilet paper that she found in the toilet one morning (someone didn't flush in the middle of the night!). She had it in her hand and I am pretty sure she sucked on it. And the sad part is that the first thing I thought was, "oh good...it's ONLY PEE"!

  8. Today I found K chewing away at the tip of the nasal aspirator (aka the "booger sucker") that I hadn't cleaned from last night...

    She has also sucked on a penny. A PENNY!