Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guess what? I lied.

I've felt nothing but a gnawing guilt since I posted my last blog.

So we turned Anna's seat around to be rear-facing again.

I really do stand by the things I said in my last post. But this time... I couldn't get over the Mommy Gut Feeling telling me to turn the seat back around. So we did.

In other news - Anna's waving at the mailman right now. I know I go on and on about this... but... come on, now. Cute much?

Other funny/cute things Anna's been doing lately include:
  • Draping scarves around her neck and walking around the house with purpose.
  • Running up and down the living room/dining room while yelling "Da DAAAAAAAAAAAA"
  • Petting our cat and then squealing with delight that she finally got to touch her.
  • Putting her little Italian "Ciao Bella" purse over her arm like a grown up.
  • Just being her, basically.
Yes, yes. I'm a proud Mama. What can I say? I find her adorable.

Can you blame me?


  1. One word - ADORABLE!

    As for the mommy guilt thing, Luka is like 2 months away from 2 yrs old and I am struggling with whether we should turn the seat around to be rear facing. I know it won't go over well with him...maybe I should just suck it up for now and do it for the next one. But, oh the guilt!!!!

  2. I'm happy to hear that you have Anna in the safest position possible. What an adorable darling girl!