Wednesday, March 2, 2011

H-E-Double bendy straws.

I have been to the nexus of hell.

You may have been there, too? It's also known as teething.

Holy, eff. Teething sucks balls.

I can't believe how awful it is. My little buttertart can't sleep at night. Like - wakes up SO often, is so out of sorts that she won't let me cuddle her or rock her, can't nap during the day much. Ugh. My only saving grace is that she's a ridiculously happy baby lately, so her mood has been great during the day.

And, of course, I've got the Mom Guilt going on because the only thing that seems to work at night is baby tylenol or baby advil... so she's had a dose of it every night for the past week. (She needed 2 doses last night).

I feel guilty about pumping her full of meds. But the homeopathic hippy stuff just isn't working. It's doing nothing. Actually, that's not true - it's doing something. It's laughing in my face and dancing a jig as I give it to my child and cross my fingers that it will actually help her sleep.

No such luck.

Last night I tried giving her some cold water. Then I tried rocking her. Then I tried letting her sleep in our bed (she could NOT settle. She flopped all over the place for about 10 minutes before she just sat up and looked at me as if to say "This is very nice of you, but this isn't my bed. And you're making me hot. So get me out of here.") Then I tried wearing her in the ergo carrier. (She liked it - but she also liked looking around and pointing to stuff while in there. In other words - it was Fun Awake Time, in her opinion.) Then I tried letting her settle herself for about 5 minutes.

Nothing worked. Finally - we gave her a second dose of tylenol and I rocked her until her eyes started closing. She slept for 5 hours. (Thank you, tylenol. THANK YOU.)

All I can think now is that I'm doing everything you're not supposed to. I'm rocking my baby to sleep. I'm giving her lots of medicine. I'm not letting her self-soothe. I'm running to her whenever she lets out a little cry.

At the same time, I think I must be doing something sort of okay because she doesn't hate me when she wakes up the next morning.

Seriously though. Is there anything worse than teething? Really? And Anna's only got 2 teeth right now. TWO. We've got a whole mouth full of these nights to go through.

Sigh. Pass me that bottle of wine, would you?


  1. Teething is one big reason for us to not have a #3. lol I hated teething both times. I tried every homeopathic remedy under the sun and NOTHING ever worked. They did absolutely nothing. Baby Advil was my best friend at night (Tylenol didn't work either), and cold clothes in the day. Neither of my kids have brain damage or any deformity from Advil. ;) I think I've learned that I seriously don't give two shits for what anyone says. I do what I need to SURVIVE! And that was Advil. Camilia drops can kiss my booty.

    The worst part of teething is it lasts forever! It gets better as they get used to it, but man, the molars are not fun either.

    Hang in there! And yes there are worse things than teething. Namely toilet training and tantrums. But, maybe you'll pass those stages no problem.


  2. Hmm - that should be "cold cloths" not "clothes". That's just mean.


  3. Poor Anna! Kim is exactly right!!! Cold cloths are a saviour. I took a boatload of really thin face clothes, wet them and rolled them into little rolls and put them in a bowl in the fridge. Steve called them Olivia's "teething rolls"! Do what you need to do to get through this, this is an exception - not the rule.

    And worse than teething is a baby that has a killer cold and cannot blow their own nose and is coughing all night. I have given Olivia more baby Tylenol and Advil then I want to admit but I figure - when I have a killer cold, I feel like garbage, I want some Tylenol so why wouldn't the Bug.

    Again - we do it to get through it! Keup up the good work Mama!