Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anna's updates

I know that every baby is different.

I know they all develop at different stages.

I know that it doesn't matter if they're one year old with only 2 teeth in their entire mouth. (Cough *Anna* Cough)

But I can't help but have an interest in hearing about where babies are, at what stage, and then silently comparing Anna to them.

Yes, yes... it's wrong. But... meh. I do it anyway.

So, if you're at all like me and would like to know if your baby is the same as (or is bizarrely different from) at least one other baby in the world... well, here's your chance.

Anna's stats:

Age: 1 year old

Teeth: Two. That's it. Two bottom teeth and the rest is ALLLLLLLLL gums.

Hair: Very little. It's growing more in the back, but if you were to look at her, she'd still be classified as a mostly bald baby.

Size: She's 20 lbs., 6 ounces. And 29 and a half inches tall. In other words - in the 25th to 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. Long, lean baby machine!

Crawling: She's been doing it since she was 8 and a half months. And man she is FAST. She's definitely good at the crawling thing.

Cruising: Shortly after crawling, the cruising began. Anna's always loved pulling herself up and standing. So it was no surprise to me that she'd quickly find a way to make her way around the house by holding onto stuff and shimmying along.

Walking: Not quite yet. She's taken 3 steps, here and there. But she's not 100% sure that she wants to give it a real go yet. Why would she when Mom and Dad will bend over all hunchback-like so she can hold our fingers and merrily prance about the room??

Food: She has suddenly become a picky eater! In the past 3 weeks to a month, Anna will no longer eat: carrots, peas, green beans, black beans, cheerios, oatmeal, lentil mush (a recipe I've made for her that she's loved in the past) or anything that resembles something healthy. Crackers and toast are her go-to foods now. My little carb-loading baby.

Hmmm... what else? Oh yes...


Skin: Softest skin ever. I love touching her face - especially her cheeks and chin area because it's so soft and sweet and lovely.

And finally... as well all know... my favourite subject...

Sleep: Getting better. But the child refuses to sleep all night long still. She's woken up a few times tonight already. Mostly it's just once a night now. Fingers are crossed for the day this happens. Come on, sleep... come to Mama.

Anyway - I'm always interested in other babies. So - where are your little buttertarts at?


  1. I'll compare my two for you.

    L - Teeth ALL in a 10 months, N - most in by 1 year, eye teeth and some molars in at 18 months or so

    L - 100%+ for height, 25% for weight, N - 25% for height and 75% for weight

    L & N - both crawling at 6 months

    L - walking at 10 months, N - 13 months

    L - ate anything as a baby and toddler, getting pickier at 4 N, pickier in general

    As you see, they are both quite different. One is independent and was not a big cuddler as a baby, the other is nicknamed "glue stick" as he only wants to be held.

    L walk early, but is he any better at walking that kids that walked late? No, not all. Do his teeth look any different. No.

    L was the last of all my girlfriends' children to be fully toilet trained. It did freak me out at the time, but he got it when he got it. He'll be the first to do one thing, and the last to do something else. They all develop at their own pace. They may excel at something and lag in another area. Just like us grown-ups.

  2. I should also add, that strangely my non-cuddler, loved to play by himself baby (who has grown into a huge cuddler) always loved to sleep in my bed, even as a baby. My glue-stick, despite wanting to be carried around and fawned over all day, HATES HATES sleeping in my bed and gets super pissed until he's back in his crib.

  3. I think it's natural for us to compare our babies to others. I love how different the children are above - I always wonder what my next one will be like. Will I compare said child all the time to Olivia? Probably, she's perfect ;p

    Olivia - age 13 months.

    12 teeth.

    Hair - coming in more all the time but crazy wispy and fly away and looks like steel wool in the back unless we use the detangler which we have misplaced at present. Wears it in a top of the head pony tail to keep it out of her eyes because I don't know what to do with it.

    Size - 17 pounds 6 oz. Less than 5th percentile. I agonized over this for almost a year. I don't care now - she is gaining but very slowly. And she's 30 inches so she's normal height. She's got a little pot belly and chubby legs but she's tiny.

    Crawling and Walking - at six months she crawled (weird army crawl) At 9 months she learned to crawl like a real baby and then she walked at 10 months and never looked back.

    Food - She eats a little constantly. She'd eat all day long if I let her but she eats small small portions except yogourt. I really honestly think she's 30% yogourt. If I let her, it would be all she eats. But she'll try anything. And if she doesn't like it she takes it out of her mouth and offers it to you. She's a giver.

    At 13 months she just started sleeping in her crib again after 8 months. True story. God bless St. Fran at daycare who taught her cribs are cool.

    Words - Mama, Dada, Hi and DUDUDUDUDUDUEEEEE which we think is Charley. My sister is quick to point out that it's not actually a word.

    Cuteness - my most favourite person in the whole world.

  4. (The other) Olivia's stats:

    Age: 14 1/2 months

    Teeth: Twelve (she wasn't in a hurry to do a lot of things, but her teeth were def in a hurry to get out!)

    Hair: Insanely long, curly cheveux, but she was born with a full head of hair. It reaches halfway down her back in the bath!

    Size: She was 21lbs at her 1 year check up & just over 29" long (tall? When does it switch?). She's definitely grown since, but I'm not even gonna guess. Every time I have in the past, I was always way over (I thought she was 25lbs at 1 yr).

    Crawling: Inchworm/army crawled at 9 months, and maybe another couple of weeks before she "really" crawled.

    Cruising: Around 10 months...and we were convinced she'd walk right away. Wrong!

    Walking: Around early January, she'd try taking a step here & there, but she'd always just drop to the ground and crawl. She finally took her first 4 real steps a week shy of 14 months (while she was hospitalized for bronchiolitis). Now she walks just about everywhere...and still with both arms straight up in the air!

    Food: The lil garburator will eat just about anything. Her daycare provider says she eats twice as much as any of the other kids (a couple of whom are older).

    Cuteness: The way she says "mmmaaaaaa" when she blows kisses absolutely melts my heart.

    Sleep: We've been very lucky that she's slept through the night since pretty early on. Her crib is still in our room though, so when she wakes up at 6am, I give her some boob, and let her sleep in the bed with us. Usually buys us another hour.

    Words & Signs: She can sign yummy (to her it also means eat), more, cracker, dog, cat, hat, please, thank-you, sleepy, and some others. She can say mama, dada, baby, hi, no, go, ball, more (or Mo, which is my brother's nickname), cracker (sounds more like kruhkruh), lola/lolo (grandma/grandpa), and LALA (which to her means Elmo...a lot of lalala in Elmo's song)

    Totally agree with 1st commenter. Olivia was late with a lot of things, which I'm not gonna lie, stressed me out a bit. But she was early with other things, so it evens out. They'll all get there :)