Sunday, February 13, 2011

The one in which I go all Mama Bear on your arse

I was trying to be funny with my last post. (I've always found myself funnier than I actually am... it's one of my most endearing qualities I think...). But I got a bit of a stupid comment (not on the blog) that was basically calling my whole outlook on Motherhood into question.

So I'd just like to set the record straight.

I love being a Mom. Anna is my life now. If you're my friend on Facebook, you'll notice that for the past year, I've had a hard time talking about anything but her.

This blog isn't meant to be an outlet for me to bitch and moan about how hard Motherhood is. It's not meant to make people feel sorry for me. And it's not meant to be a place for me to talk about how I find life with my little ankle biter unbearable. Because none of that is true.

What is true is this: I created the blog because my saving grace during this INTENSELY HUGE learning curve of being a first-time Mom was having a community of other Moms around me to talk to. So I wanted to be able to pay it forward and give that to other Moms in some small way.

I wanted other Moms to read my stories, and, hopefully, be able to relate and realize that there are lots of us going through the same things.

I wanted other Moms to know that they're not alone.

When you're sleep deprived, or feeling guilty, or worried about possibly making the wrong move when it comes to this new blank-slate of a life that you're responsible for, I wanted you to know that it's okay. You're okay. We're all just doing our best. And really - that's all our babies need.

Being a Mom is absolutely the best thing I have ever done in my life. Without question. It has changed my life. But the truth is, it's really hard. And if anybody out there tries to tell you that the first year of your first baby's life is easy - they're delusional. Plain and simple.

Anyone who's reading this blog can go ahead and tell me my writing is crap. You can call my grammar into question. Heck - you can even tell me I'm incredibly unfunny (I won't believe you, of course). But don't ever, ever call who I am as a Mom into question. Or how I feel about being a Mom.

Because then I'll have go all Mama-Bear on your arse.

(PS: To my Mommy followers - thank you for reading! I hope I'm helping you out. I hope you'll continue to comment so other Moms can get great advice and support from you, too.)


  1. I read the post I think you're talking about and notice it was since deleted. I have to admit I was a bit offended as well as I thought it was referencing the comment I made too. I was glad to see it gone!


  2. There's always gotta be one weirdo comment from a hater eh? I say: hate the game, not the Mommies! :)

  3. They need a good slap in the mouth with a side order of foot in the ass because that is just the kind of crap that isolates us mums and adds to the guilt.
    Not cool. Not constructive. Good for you for gonging it.
    Keep up the good work -- both as a blogger and a mother!

  4. You go girl! Screw those moms that think they are perfect and that say they don't have tough days. Their kids are going to be sooo messed up.
    Ah...who am I kidding? Mine will too. But at least I admit it.