Friday, February 25, 2011

The one in which I refer to elbow dimples A LOT.

Hi there.

Have you met my daughter?

The cutest human being on the face of the planet?

She's very pleased to meet you. She told me herself.

Excuse her a moment while she adjusts her tutu. Very important to not have a ruffled tutu, you know. (PS: I'm aware that her tutu photos are following the post about the whole Princess Parenting debate. But, you know what? Anna's cute. And life is too short to not wear a tutu.)

Obviously, Anna agrees.

Okay, okay. I'm a tad bit biased. But... really. COME ON. Would you look at that elbow dimple?

I ask you to look at that elbow dimple and then try to tell me that you aren't melting a little bit. Are you melting?? If you're not - I don't know if we can be friends.

I only like to keep company with elbow-dimple-loving-folks.


  1. Love the elbow dimples! Great pics!\


  2. Ah, but what about the knuckle dimples? You can totally see them in that first picture. YUM! :)