Monday, February 14, 2011

Here's something new

Hey. So this is different.

I knew my body would be all weird after having a baby. But I didn't realize just *how* weird.

For example. After having Anna - I've only had my period twice. Two times in the past year. That's it. Twice!

On the one hand: Woo hoo! This is awesome! On the other hand: Huh. I wonder if I'm pregnant this month.

Other interesting things: my boobs now fascinate me in what can only be described as a car-accident-kind-of-a-fascination. They're saggy... but they're soft. Bizarre, a tad not-so-pretty, and yet, satisfying to touch.

(Too much information for you yet???)

Also. I bruise incredibly easy now. (Is that a post-pregnancy thing? Or is that just an annoying coincidence?) I cry very easily. Like - WAY easier than before. I think my hair's still falling out more than before. Sometimes my skin is wicked-awesome clear. Other times, I look like I've reverted to a prepubescent Pimply McPimplestein.

Oh. And I pee when I laugh, sneeze or jump up and down on a trampoline. I thought this was only a joke used in movies and TV shows for cheap laughs. Turns out it's true. Which? Hurrah! I'm so excited to know that Depends are in my near future!

Am I a glowing report of the joys and beauty and wonderment of post-pregnancy or what??

Hey. At least I'm honest.

WOMEN WHO HAVE NOT HAD BABIES YET: This can happen to you.

And yet... it doesn't mean crap at all when you get to look at, hug, cuddle, smooch and just be with this every day.

Would you look at that face! That chubby arm! The hat!! I can't stand it.

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