Monday, February 21, 2011

Bite me. (Actually, please don't).

Last week at Kindermusik class, one of the new Moms I met was talking about how her 9 month old son's set of 8 teeth were making it hard for her to continue nursing. (I cringed just thinking about it.)

And then she said, "They don't tell you about how that all works". Which made me think "Hey! Another thing they don't tell new Moms about... I must blog about it!"

Then I remembered that I don't really have any experience in the whole biting issue. Anna only has 2 teeth - and even with just those 2, she hasn't once bitten me. The sweet little dear.

Until last night.

(She must have known I was mentally bragging about how lovely she was.)

At 4am, my wee, sweet little buttertart needed to nurse. So I went to her, lovingly held her in my arms, sat on our comfy little glider.

And then she bit me.

3 times.

Like Cam on Modern Family once said about Lily, it was like Twilight in there.

Why on earth do babies do this? Do they know they're doing this? Do they secretly think it's funny? (This is my belief. Inside Anna's head, she was giggling at how funny it was to hear Mommy yelp. The power was all in Anna's hands... or teeth, I suppose.)

So now I have all the sympathy in the world for Moms everywhere who have been bitten.

I really don't know what you're supposed to do to discourage the biting thing. Or how to prevent them from doing it. I guess you just grin and bear it and hope for the best?

If you're one of the bitten, at least you know that my heart (and my sore nips) go out to you.

Now that's a mental picture I'm sure you'll love taking away with you today.

(You're welcome, friends.)


  1. Oh poor Heather! I actually went through this many months ago when Olivia was 6 months old. She was biting me every single nurse and that was a lot back then. I was seriously talking about weaning her because I couldn't take it anymore. So I have no idea where I read or heard this - I talked to everyone that would listen.

    But the thing that worked was when she bit me, I'd say "Olivia no!" And then I'd take her off the breast and say "Nursing is OVER". And she'd cry and I wouldn't nurse her again until next time. Seriously she learned really quickly that I was serious. I guess it was a combination of my tone and the fact we didn't nurse anymore after the bite.

    Of course she's tested me a couple of times since but it's very rare. She did it about three weeks ago, a heck of a bite (although she's never broken the skin thank heavens) But it works. I did the same thing and she hasn't bitten me since.

    Good luck!

  2. Great advice! Thanks Chrysta!